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The Mediaprep service offers buffers and bacteriological culture media prepared and conditioned as described below as well as solidified media added with antibiotic. This list can evolve depending on the needs and consumption.
1) Buffers
Buffer Filtration (F) / Autoclaving (A) Conditioning
TBS 10X pH=7.5248mM Tris - 1.37M NaCl - 27mM KCl A 1 L
TAE 50X 2M Tris - 50mM EDTA - 5.7% acetic acid   1 L
TBE 10X 890mM Tris - 890mM boric acid - 20mM EDTA   1 L
Tris-Glycine running buffer 5X 250mM Tris - 2.5M Glycine - 0.5% SDS   2 L
Tris Resolving buffer pH=8.8 1.5M Tris pH=8.8 F 0.5 L
Tris Stacking buffer pH=6.8 500mM Tris pH=6.8 F 0.5 L
Western blot Transfer buffer 10X 250mM Tris - 1.9M Glycine   2 L
TE 10X pH=7.5100mM Tris-HCl - 10mM EDTA F 0.1 L
NaCl 5M F 0.5 L
KCl 3M F 0.25 L
Tris 1M various pH (buffered with HCl) F 0.5 L
Hepes 1M various pH (buffered with KOH) F 0.25 L
KH2PO4 / K2HPO4 0.2M F 0.25 L
Na2HPO4 / NaH2PO4 0.2M F 0.25 L
EDTA 0.5M F 0.25 L
MgCl2 1M F 0.1 L
CaCl2 1M F 0.1 L
MgSO4 1M F 0.1 L
2) Bacteriological media
Medium Filtration (F) / Autoclaving (A) Conditioning
3) Solidified madia
Solidified media are poured in 90mm Petri dishes with 18ml of medium.
Media can be poured in 55mm Petri dishes on demand.
Plates are labelled depending on the antibiotic used with a clor code.
Plates with other antibiotic or combining several antibiotics can be prepared on demand (min. 50 plates).

Medium Antibiotic Color Quality
Click on "Quality" to see quality controls procedure and on each lot to see results of performed controls.

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