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  • For any question, do not hesitate to see Denis Fumagalli.
  • Bottles of media (LB, 2xLB and LB-Agar), simple salt solutions (5M NaCl, 3M KCl, 1M MgCl2, ...), running buffers (TAE 50x, TBE 10x, Tris-Glycine 5x) as well as buffers (Tris-Stacking, Tris-Resolving, 0.5M EDTA pH 8, 1M Tris-HCl and 1M Hepes-KOH at various pH) are available.
  • The LB-Agar + Ampicillin (100µg/ml), LB-Agar + Kanamycin (50µg/ml), LB-Agar + Chloramphenicol (34µg/ml), LB-Agar + Spectinomycin (50µg/ml) and LB-Agar + Gentamycin (30µg/ml) plates are available.
  • Have a look to quality controls performed on each lot.
  • Do not hesitate to take some. Do not forget to note your name and the number of plates taken on the list placed aside the storage metal boxes.

The Mediaprep service will progressively prepare and condition buffers and bacteriological media commonly used in the Institute. The list of prepared solution is available on the "Services" page.
Depending onits resources, the service will be able to manage more specific demands under certain conditions.

All operating procedures are included in the Logiform software that allows weighting assistance and full operation traceability using bar codes from raw chemicals and lots management up to solution preparations.

Consumption traceability will be manage, first, via a notebook and then by bar codes identification.
Prepared solutions and media will be available on shelves located in the corridor front to the service and Petri dishes will be stored in metal boxes placed in the cold room (room # 0.026).

Finally, the service is following advice given by its User Committee Tania Knauer-Meyer, Michel Labouesse, Marc Ruff, Julien Vermot.

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